Complete & perfect – ‘six’ in Chinese means everything is just right. ‘Six’ also symbolises beauty and high ideals in some cultures. For us ‘six’ is just the ideal number of bedrooms in a villa – not as private as a one-bedroom honeymoon hideaway, yet, smaller than a ten-bedroom mansion perfect for the whole entourage.

Beachfront Villas

Imagine living in an oceanfront villa steps away from the shoreline, fall asleep listening to the roars of the Indian Ocean and watch the sunset from your own private pool.

Family Villas

Looking for the idyllic getaway to take your family for a holiday? Bali is no doubt, one of the best family destinations and it also boasts myriads of family-friendly villas.

Wedding Villas

Say “I do” on a blinding white sand beach on the top of a cliff or in a tropical rainforest in your own sophisticated villa tailor-made for a beautiful wedding.

Incredible Value

We highlighted some of the best villas of different styles, sizes and features that offer excellent value for money. It’s time to experience staying in a private villa.

Special Offers

Enjoy the Privileges of a Private Villa

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