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Terms & Conditions

This is the Terms & Conditions of 6 Bedroom Villas Bali. This website, the “6 Bedroom Villas Bali” brand and all material produced in relation to it are owned by Ministry of Villas Pte Ltd (hereinafter called the Company or we or us or our), trading as 6 Bedroom Villas Bali, with its principal offices located at 80 Robinson Road #14-02 Singapore 068898.

By accessing or using the Ministry of Villas Platform (“MoV Platform”), you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms & Conditions. The MoV Platform refers to Ministry of Villas’ (“MoV”) websites (including 6 Bedroom Villas Bali), mobile, tablet and other smart applications, and all associated “MoV Services”.

In this policy, we use a few terms which are defined as follows: A “Member” is anyone who has registered an MoV account, including Customers and Suppliers. A “Customer” is someone who books, or seeks to book Accommodation or Supplier Services. A “Supplier” is someone who offers services (“Supplier Services”) via published listings on the MoV Platform (“Listings”). “Accommodation” means a villa, chalet, apartment, hotel, resort or other form of rental property. “Payment Services” means any payment processing services provided through or in connection with a Member’s use of the MoV Platform.

1. Agreement

The agreement between Ministry of Villas and the person making the booking (hereinafter called the Customer) is valid only after a booking is received by MoV together with the appropriate payment, and the booking has been confirmed to the Customer by MoV. By ticking the “I agree” box on Ministry of Villas’ booking form the Customer accepts these conditions and confirms that he or she is authorised to do so on behalf of all other persons accompanying them during their stay, thus forming a contract between MoV and the Customer; which in turn forms a contract between the owner or property manager of the Accommodation booked (hereinafter called the Supplier) and the Customer. These booking terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with individual policies specific to the Supplier’s Listing.

2. Scope of Services

Ministry of Villas acts as an independent body solely focused on helping Customers find and book the best Accommodation that suits their requirements and arranging other Supplier Services to make the best holiday possible (collectively described as MoV Services).

2.1 MoV Services
The MoV Platform is an online marketplace that enables Customers to book Accommodation from Suppliers, utilising Ministry of Villas’ expert guidance to research, plan, communicate and transact. Ministry of Villas also arranges other travel-related services for Customers, including arranging airport transfers, many of which are provided as a complimentary benefit exclusive to MoV Customers. As the provider of the MoV Platform, Ministry of Villas does not own, manage or operate any Listings or Supplier Services, nor is MoV a travel agent, real estate broker or insurer.

2.2 Supplier Services
When a Customer books Accommodation with a Supplier, they are entering into a contract directly with each other with regard to the Supplier Services provided. Suppliers alone are responsible for providing Supplier Services to Customers. Ministry of Villas is not and does not become a party to or other participant in any contractual relationship between the Customer and Supplier, except as specified by Payment Services provided.

2.3 Payment Services
When a Customer uses the Payment Services provided by Ministry of Villas, such as when booking Accommodation or a travel-related service, MoV is responsible for processing payments between Customers and Suppliers, complying with applicable law.

2.4 Dispute Resolution
In the event of a dispute arising between a Customer and a Supplier, Ministry of Villas may help facilitate a resolution. MoV has no control over and does not guarantee the quality, safety, suitability, or legality of any Accommodation or Supplier Services, or the performance or conduct of any Supplier or third party. Any references to a Listing being “Ministry Approved” (or similar language) indicates that the Supplier has completed a relevant verification process and the Accommodation has undergone a thorough property inspection. Media displayed on Listings are intended to indicate a representation of the Accommodation at the time the media was created, and are therefore not an indefinite representation nor a guarantee by MoV of the Accommodation.

3. Prices

Ministry of Villas insists that Suppliers publish the best available price (i.e. the lowest price advertised) for every Accommodation Listing on the MoV Platform.

3.1 Price Guarantee
Ministry of Villas guarantees that Customers are booking their desired Accommodation at the lowest price. If at the time of booking you find a genuine lower price advertised and receive a quote for the exact same dates, services and inclusions MoV will match it and take a further USD $50 off the total booking. To amend the price of a booking, MoV requires the Customer write an email with support documentation before the hold on the Accommodation is released (usually 48 hours from when the Accommodation is put on hold). Our price guarantee only applies if the following details are identical: property type, number of guests, booking dates, check-in and check-out times, USD rates, tax and services, inclusions and booking terms and conditions. Ministry of Villas guarantees Customers the lowest price for every booking, except for misquotes, pricing errors or after a deposit has been paid to MoV (i.e. where prices have been changed by the Supplier after the booking has been confirmed and payment has been received).

3.2 Currencies
Prices on the MoV Platform are displayed in multiple currencies based on a live exchange rate. Payment can be made by the Customer by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer in their preferred major currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / JPY / NZD / SGD / USD) and payment is settled with the Supplier in their preferred currency (usually USD). This means if the Customer pays a deposit for a future booking using a different currency to that of the Supplier, the balance is held in the Supplier’s preferred currency and the Customer’s balance invoice will be recalculated in their preferred currency using the live exchange rate at the time the balance invoice is issued or amended.

3.3 Guest Numbers
Rates quoted allow for a prescribed number of guests using the default bedding configuration according to the information published on the Supplier’s Listing; additional fees may apply for additional guests up to the maximum number permitted by the Supplier. The number of guests staying in the Accommodation cannot exceed the maximum number of guests published on the Listing or agreed in writing.

3.4 Additional Costs
The cost of electricity, water, cleaning supplies and taxes are typically included in the prices displayed on each Listing. Some Suppliers charge an additional fee for electricity, cleaning or local tourist taxes; details of which will be stated on the Supplier’s Listing and communicated with the Customer at the time of booking. If the information in any of these is inconsistent, the conditions outlined by the Supplier at the time of the booking will prevail. Gratuities for in-villa staff are encouraged, but are entirely at the Customer’s discretion.

4. Bookings

Ministry of Villas requires confirmation from the Customer and a deposit to be paid via the MoV Platform to confirm a booking. Our standard payment terms are: 50% deposit payable at the time of booking, and 50% balance payable 60 days prior to arrival.

4.1 Instant Bookings
Customers are able to book Accommodation instantly online via the MoV Platform whereby MoV shall confirm the booking with the Supplier and notify the Customer when the booking is confirmed. In the event an instant booking is not confirmed by the Supplier, Ministry of Villas shall liaise with the Customer to arrange alternative Accommodation or refund all monies paid for the instant booking.

4.2 On Hold
Customers are able to put Accommodation on hold via the MoV Platform whereby MoV shall liaise with the Supplier and request the dates for the Accommodation be reserved for the Customer for up to 48 hours. Should the Customer wish to proceed with the booking MoV shall update the status of the booking to ‘Pending payment’ and issue an invoice for the Customer to complete payment. In the event the Customer does not confirm the booking within 48 hours, the dates on hold shall be released. In the event the Accommodation is not available MoV shall recommend alternative options to the Customer.

4.3 Group Payments
Customers who are booking Accommodation on behalf of one or more additional guests are able to split the payment of the booking on a pro-rata basis between multiple guests. In order to arrange multiple invoices MoV requires the Customer provide a written breakdown of the required split for MoV to prepare a bespoke invoice for each guest to complete payment.

4.4 Calendar Gaps
Customers who wish to book Accommodation for a date range that creates a ‘gap’ in the Supplier’s booking calendar may be asked to consider altering their dates of stay before the booking is confirmed by the Supplier. This is because a gap of 1, 2 or 3 nights between bookings makes it difficult for the Supplier to rent to another guest, which in turn decreases revenue-earning potential for the Supplier. In the event a Customer’s requested date range creates a calendar gap MoV shall liaise with the Customer and the Supplier to find a suitable solution or arrange alternative Accommodation for the Customer.

5. Extras

Many Suppliers may provide extras including cots, high chairs or extra beds free of charge. If the Supplier does not have such items the Customer will be informed at the time of booking and MoV shall arrange the hire of additional equipment from another Supplier at an additional cost. Extra items are subject to availability and should be requested at the time of booking.

5.1 Special Requests
Special requests such as early check-in or late check-out are not guaranteed, however we will always do our best to look after guests. Extra charges may apply and the Customer may be charged directly by the Supplier upon arrival or departure.

5.2 Events
The Supplier must be informed if the Customer is planning to hold a dinner party or special function during their stay. For larger functions where the number of attendees is expected to exceed the maximum number of guests, additional costs may apply such as event fees, permit fees and extra staff hire.

5.3 Airport Transfers
Return airport transfers can be arranged through Ministry of Villas. Many Suppliers include this service, however it is not always included. Extra charges may apply and the Customer may be charged directly by the Supplier upon arrival or departure. Please check the inclusions on the individual Listing for more information.

6. Payments

A deposit of 50% of the price of your Accommodation is payable at the time of booking, with a 50% balance due 60 days before arrival. Where the booking takes place less than 60 days before arrival the full amount is due immediately to confirm the booking. If the balance is not paid 60 days before arrival the Supplier reserves the right to retain the deposit, cancel the booking and apply the cancellation charges as set out in Clause 7 below.

6.1 Payment Methods
Customers are able to pay online via credit card (3% payment processing fee), PayPal (3% payment processing fee) or arrange a bank transfer in their preferred major currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / JPY / NZD / SGD / USD). The Customer is responsible for all bank fees.

7. Changes or Cancellations by the Customer

The Customer must notify changes or cancellations made to the booking to Ministry of Villas as soon as possible. We will do our best to assist where possible with any reasonable changes made by the Customer, but they may not be possible. An administrative charge of USD $50 per booking for each change shall apply in addition to any costs levied by the relevant Suppliers as a result of the change of details. Such charges will be notified to the Customer. Where the Customer has requested a change to the date of the booking less than 60 days prior to arrival, the booking shall be deemed cancelled and the cancellation charges referred to below will apply. Any changes to the number of guests staying at the Accommodation must be advised to MoV as soon as possible and where applicable any payment required by the Customer in respect to additional guests must be made in full if the change is requested less than 60 days prior to arrival. In the event a Customer cancels a confirmed booking, the following penalties will generally apply:
i) 50% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made more than 60 days before arrival.
ii) Up to 100% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made between 1 and 59 days before arrival.
The applicable penalty amount will be deducted from monies received to date, and MoV will refund any remaining balance to the Customer.

7.1 Changes or Cancellations Related to Covid-19
We encourage Customers to purchase the appropriate travel insurance, including cancellation protection, to cover you in the event:
i) You test positive for Covid-19 at a time that will stop you from travelling.
ii) You are required to quarantine or self-isolate for a period that disrupts your plans.
iii) Your flights are cancelled by the airline or airport authorities.
iv) You are legally prevented from traveling to your booked Accommodation from your location.
v) You are legally prevented from staying in your booked Accommodation.

The purpose of travel insurance is to provide protection for these circumstances and is the first line of protection for travellers. It is essential you purchase travel insurance at the earliest opportunity, ideally the same day you make your first payment towards a trip to ensure you are protected financially. It’s important to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of your policy to check what is covered and by how much. Many insurance providers protect travellers financially if plans are disrupted by Covid-19 related interruptions, but they often have a maximum value.

Although travel insurance is responsible for refunding money paid when a trip is disrupted beyond your control, we have established the following protocols with Suppliers to provide a second layer of protection. If you are forced to cancel your trip, we kindly ask you to email [email protected] and let us know your situation. We will then follow these steps to help protect you financially:

Step 1) We will supply you with the necessary paperwork to file a claim on your travel insurance.
Step 2) If your travel insurance claim is unsuccessful, we will ask the Supplier to convert your booking to a credit note which allows you to rebook the same Accommodation during a similar season (rate period) in the future.

Please note that Step 2) is subject to Accommodation availability and Supplier discretion and is not a substitution for having travel insurance. Most Suppliers are sympathetic when an insurance claim is rejected, but not as understanding when Customers are travelling without insurance.

8. Changes & Cancellations by the Supplier

8.1 Minor Changes
Most alterations or changes to confirmed bookings are minor, for example: the withdrawal of facilities at the Accommodation, changes made by the Supplier but not advised to MoV, and typographical changes to the Supplier’s Listing on the MoV Platform. Ministry of Villas will always advise Customers of such changes as soon as we are made aware. Holidays are planned well in advance, and there may be times when Suppliers alter their Accommodation or temporarily withdraw services or advertised facilities, without prior warning to MoV.

8.2 Major Changes
Although unlikely, Ministry of Villas reserves the right to substitute different Accommodation to that booked by the Customer of a similar or equivalent standard. In the event of a major change the Customer has either the option of accepting the alternative Accommodation offered by MoV (for the avoidance of doubt where the alternative Accommodation has a lower price than the amount that the Customer has paid MoV will refund the difference and where the alternative is of a higher price than the Customer has paid then MoV reserves the right to charge the Customer the difference between that amount and the increased price) or the Customer has the option of cancelling their rental and MoV shall use its best endeavours to promptly refund all monies paid to date. MoV has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all Suppliers on the MoV Platform are reputable, however as MoV does not have direct control over such organisations or their employees we therefore cannot take responsibility for them. In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control necessitate the cancellation of your booking we shall use our best endeavours to promptly refund all monies paid and MoV shall not be liable for any additional compensation.

9. Accommodation

9.1 Occupancy
The Accommodation booked by the Customer is reserved for the exclusive use of the Customer and accompanying guests and no other person(s) may use the Accommodation. Rates quoted allow for a prescribed number of guests using the default bedding configuration according to the information published on the Supplier’s Listing; additional fees may apply for additional guests up to the maximum number permitted by the Supplier. The number of guests staying in the Accommodation cannot exceed the maximum number of guests published on the Listing or agreed in writing.

9.2 Security Deposit
Certain bookings, especially in the most prestigious Accommodation and where the Supplier demands, may require a security deposit. The security deposit is either payable by the Customer directly to the Supplier immediately upon arrival at the Accommodation or collected by Ministry of Villas via the MoV Platform. Subject to the events listed in this clause, the security deposit is refundable and shall be repaid to the Customer within 14 days of the date of departure. If a security deposit is required the details of the policy will be stated on the Supplier’s Listing and communicated with the Customer at the time of booking. Please note the Supplier has the right to impose different requirements on a case by case basis and Customer access to the Accommodation may be refused if the required security deposit is not paid in full. When the security deposit is required to be paid in cash, or when a non-standard security deposit applies, MoV will inform the Customer in advance of the amount payable and any other conditions. The security deposit is typically refunded at the end of the rental period, after deducting:
i) All additional expenses incurred on the Customer’s behalf (e.g. additional charges for goods, services and staff which were not directly paid by the Customer, and telephone and internet charges, if applicable).
ii) The cost of replacement or repair for any loss or damage to the Accommodation or its surrounds or contents. If this cost cannot be reasonably determined prior to the Customer’s departure, the Supplier is entitled to withhold a reasonable estimate from the Customer’s security deposit, and will return any balance to the Customer as soon as possible after the actual cost has been determined.

9.3 Property Damage
The Customer’s liability for the Accommodation extends beyond the security deposit set out in clause 9.2. Any damage caused to the Accommodation must be reported to the Supplier immediately and any cost of damage must be paid by the Customer. If you are traveling with children, please take care that they do not use crayons and paints on cushions and sofas – when fabric stains can not be removed the Supplier may wish to charge the Customer the cost of replacement. The Customer is responsible for leaving the Accommodation in good order and in a clean condition. The Customer further undertakes to pay for any damages or losses incurred during occupation. The Supplier reserves the right to evict the Customer if the Customer or accompanying guest has caused excessive damage.

9.4 Security
i) All baggage and personal belongings retained at the Accommodation are kept at the Customers’ risk. Customers are advised to secure valuables and personal items in the security safe (if available) when not in residence and at night.
ii) Many of the properties have a private or communal swimming pool. The swimming pool is used entirely by the Customer and accompanying guests at their own risk. Since accidents happen, we advise Customers always take care when using the pool. Please be away most Accommodation do not come equipped with pool fences so children in the swimming pool area should be supervised at all times. A pool fence can be organised at an additional cost for most Accommodation on the MoV Platform. Please check the inclusions on the individual Listing for more information. The Customer hereby releases Suppliers and its agents, including Ministry of Villas, of any claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of any kind with respect to personal injury while using the pool within the grounds of the Accommodation.

9.5 Complaints
We are committed to finding you the best Accommodation available. However should anyone have cause for complaint whilst on holiday the Customer should speak with the in-villa staff as soon as possible. If the Customer is unable to communicate with the in-villa staff, Supplier or is not satisfied with the resolution to any issue provided by the in-villa staff, the Customer is advised to contact Ministry of Villas. We shall use reasonable endeavours to rectify the problem except where circumstances are beyond our reasonable control. If the complaint cannot be rectified whilst the Customer is on holiday, the Customer should contact Ministry of Villas in writing within 14 days of departure.

9.6 Arrival Procedure
By law in most countries all guests must provide passport details within 24 hours of arrival at their destination. A registration form will need to be filled out and signed by each guest and these papers will then be taken to the local registration office.

9.6.1 Directions and Maps
We provide clear easy to follow directions giving the precise location of your booked Accommodation. When booking with Ministry of Villas we include return airport transfers for selected villas, or you can make your own way to the Accommodation should you prefer. If you would like us to talk you through the directions before you leave, we would be very happy to do so.

9.7 Collection and Return of Keys
The collection and return of the Accommodation keys is always the responsibility of the Customer. The keys should be either collected from the local villa manager unless stated otherwise at the time of booking. At the end of the holiday it is the Customer’s responsibility to return the keys to the same place where collected.

9.8 General Issues
We reserve the right to terminate your holiday in the event that the Customer’s behaviour or that of an accompanying guest is such that it is likely to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other guests, employees, property or any third party. If the Customer or accompanying guest are prevented from travelling because in the opinion of any person in authority you or a member of your party appear to be unfit or likely to cause discomfort or disturbance to other parties, we will have no further liability to complete your booking arrangements. Ministry of Villas will not be liable for any refund, compensation, or any additional costs incurred by the Customer. MoV does not accept any liability for the behaviour of others staying at our Accommodation.

9.9 Building Works
In most areas, in all countries, there is new building work taking place. MoV takes steps to monitor this activity and shall advise the Customer if any building work affects their booking, however this is not guaranteed. In the event MoV considers that a neighbouring building plot or plots would seriously affect your booking with either noise or dust pollution or both, then we will use our best endeavours to negotiate a rebate with the Supplier or find alternative Accommodation for the Customer under the terms of our booking conditions as stated in Clause 8.2. Where road works or public works occur at short notice or without notice, and which are outside of our control, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience to you.

10. Force Majeure

Ministry of Villas does not accept liability in any circumstances where performance and/or prompt performance of our obligations is prevented as a result of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, natural disasters, pandemics, industrial disputes, fire, nuclear explosion or adverse weather conditions.

11. Personal Requirements

11.1 Passports & Visa
Customers from approved countries must be in possession of a passport, which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and the completed embarkation / disembarkation card they received from their airline. The Customer and accompanying guests are responsible for arranging their own visas.

11.2 Insurance
We strongly recommend that Customers take out a comprehensive insurance policy to protect all guests against illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellations and other travel contingencies. We also strongly recommend a health insurance that covers medical evacuation for emergencies. Ministry of Villas and Suppliers are not responsible for Customer property loss or damage.

11.3 Personal Health
Please tell us at the time of booking about any medical condition or infirmity of any member of your party that might be relevant to your holiday. We have contacts with medical facilities and companies abroad who can offer services that may assist and make you trip even more comfortable.

12. Agreement Non-compliance

Customers assure the Supplier that any guest who violates any of the terms of this Agreement shall be immediately denied occupancy and shall remedy any damages or other expenses caused by the Customer and/or the Customers’ accompanying guest(s).

13. Lawful Use

Customers and/or their accompanying guests shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbours, nor use the premises for any unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises. Any inappropriate or destructive behaviour could result in the eviction of the entire Customers’ group without refund.

14. Non-Waiver

Should either Customers or Suppliers waive their rights to enforce any breach of this Agreement, that waiver shall be considered temporary and not a continuing waiver of any later breach. Although Suppliers may know when accepting a booking that Customers are violating one or more of this Agreement’s conditions, Suppliers in accepting the booking are in no way waiving their rights to enforce the breach. Neither Customers nor Suppliers shall have waived their rights to enforce any breach unless they agree to a waiver in writing.

15. References in Wording

Plural references made to the parties involved in this Agreement may also be singular, and singular references may be plural. These references also apply to Customers’ and Suppliers’ heirs, executors, administrators, or successors, as the case may be.

16. Waiver & Release from Liability

The Customer hereby waives and releases, indemnifies, hold harmless and forever discharges Ministry of Villas and its agents and employees and their respective agents, staff and employees from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, including claims of MoV or their employee negligence, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that the Customer ever had or may have arising from or related to participation in any of the events or activities, and for the duration of the stay at the stated Accommodation. Ministry of Villas and their agents are not liable for loss, damage of property, to/of Customer or accompanying guests. The Customer assumes any risk, and takes full responsibility and waives any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with the stated Accommodation including but not limited to man-made hazards associated with the Accommodation such as slippery shower basins, tubs, swimming pool facilities and natural hazards such as holes, ditches, fallen trees, branches, ice, snow, and or other irregularities in terrain and using the terrain including walking, jogging, biking or related activities. The Customer must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Last Updated: 29th June 2022